Obocho Peters is a Young CEO in Training (currently 10 years old) who started a Thrift Store business on April 27, 2018 inspired by the Avengers Infinity War movie & 8 toys. Obocho's mission is to help low-income families save money for their children' college funds by offering affordable clothes and shoes for Newborns to 12-years-old. To give back to the community, Obocho's company is sponsoring & paying for Free Financial Literacy Seminars which provide families with education followed by entertainment.



The name “Obocho” means “I Am Love” and he is a true embodiment of his name. From birth, his mom has always made sure that he understood the power of Love and how it changes people's lives. Obocho decided to dedicate his spare time to spreading his love to families with children from new born to 12 years old. So from a Young CEO in training to now owning his own business, This young entrepreneur is on a mission to offer affordable toys, clothes and shoes to as many kids as possible. He wanted to have a website to showcase USED & NEW items he knows children all around the world will LOVE. His mother, without hesitation, jumped right on it to show him that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Obocho would like say to everyone who joins him on this journey..."Fasten your seatbelts because you are going to feel the Love coming at you"

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